Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Gospel in Dickens by Gina Dalfonzo

I read Dickens in my younger years and never thought about him expressing any gospel in his stories.  There's a paragraph at the front of each excerpt that tells you what he was expressing.  They call it gospel, I call it life...

Plough Publishing share this book with me for review (thank you).  It has beeen published and you can get a copy now.

I found it enjoyable to read the parts of the story presented.  Dickens gets a bit boring if you read a whole book of his.  

The introduction to each excerpt tells you what to look for and I was amazed at how much of his work did compare to gospel.  His characters are often not nice and don't change even when challenged,

This was an interesting take on how to read a book and see more than just the story.  There are lessons in books.

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