Friday, July 29, 2016

The Alien That Ate My Socks by Brandon Dorman

Rock is the school bully and he likes to play tricks on people.  The Hooligan brothers were just trying to undo a trick of his when the principal caught them and thought they were the ones doing the pranking.  They looked Rock up and asked him to stop.  He laughed at them.  So they challenged him to a go cart race.  If he lost, he stopped the pranks.  If they lost, they did his pranks for him.  So they had a good reason to win the race!

Shadow Mountain and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published September 6th.

This is a great middle grade read for those with a sense of humor.  The alien is big and purple and likes to eat socks and other clothes.  They first make contact with it during the go cart race.  All they knew was that something big and purple was in the middle of the road down the mountain and they had to go off road to get away from it.

Things get a bit more exciting when one of the brothers disappears and it appears the purple monster has him.  They manage to get him back and hurry home, even if he is heavy and hard to carry.  They go to bed and try to forget all they saw.  Unfortunately, their purple pet follows them.  He takes the short route inside:  Right through the roof.

I have to say they have very tolerant parents.  I don't think my parents would have been so understanding.  Of course, you never knew about Mom.

In a while, they decide he must be an alien.  It doesn't help that there are people after him.  How do you hide something that big?

The story is humorous, silly and just the right thing to lift your mood.  It's a fun read.  And there will be more in this series.  The bully hasn't given up yet...

Noah A Wordless Picture Book by Mark Ludy

Just about everybody knows the story of Noah and the ark he built.  This delightful book has no words but the illustrations are fantastic and you get a kaleidoscope of colors to please your eye.  Here's a really fun way to learn Noah's story!

Plough Publishing shared a copy of this book with me for a review (thank you).  It has been published so you can buy a copy now.

This would work perfectly for a bible study course, homeschooling, daycares, or as a book that will be well read at home.

There are little details in the illustrations that will be missed if you don't look carefully.  How many animals can you identify?  Can you imagine trying to engineer an ark?

This story made Noah come alive for me.  He has a wife he loves, he has a child and he has friends.  He does what God asks even if his neighbors think he's crazy.  And he's content that he has done his duty at the end of the story.  This was a lovely read. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

What Dog Knows by Sylvia Vanden Heede, Marije Tolman

Wolf is tired of dog always being smarter than he is, so he checks a book out on facts from the library.  The fact that he can't read has nothing to do with it.

Gecko Press and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published August 1st.

This is a children's educational book that is done in a unique style with lots of fun thrown in with the facts.  The subjects covered are diverse, ranging from mummies to dragons and your child gets offered ideas on activities that can be at home as well as a quiz at the end of each section to see if they've learned the content.  It's only one question and it's not difficult, they won't notice they're learning.

Here's sample page from the inside of the book:
This shows the quiz and the type of activities offered.

I really liked the way this was put together.  The competition between dog, wolf and the cat is fun to read about and makes the learning fun.

Miss Seeton at the Helm by Hampton Charles

Miss Seeton is very excited.  She's won a trip to Greece.  Her friends George and Emily are going and she's thrilled at seeing all the artwork and architecture.  She doesn't know that Scotland Yard is paying for the trip and they hope she can help them solve a case.  She also doesn't know that another murder will happen while they are on the ship...

Farrago and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It is being published today.

It's an odd group on the ship.  There's a TV star that has a new girlfriend draped on him.  His ex-wife is part of the tour, too.  There's a relatively young couple, a man who is fighting the TV star in a law suit, and a man who lectures to the tour.  Most are acquainted and know each other but some are strangers.  

Miss Seeton saves a man who's on a walk and almost falls from the trail.  He was actually trying to push the man ahead of him off the trail but she doesn't see that.  I think this ability to not see how dangerous is it is what keeps her alive.

There's been a con game going on that is mostly likely to come to light during the lawsuit.  The man who shares the profits of the con with the TV star wants the other man killed.  Since Miss Seeton stopped that, the TV star is not sure what to do next.  Before he can decide, he ends up dead.  Then Miss Seeton gets hit in the head and her sketches stolen.

George calls the newspaper gal, Mel, and asks her to get hold of the Oracle and get him over to take over the case.  It's a complicated case with a sad ending but Miss Seeton sails through.  I have to say that the Oracle disappointed me in this story.  He does something that seems totally out-of-character for him.  I'll have to read the next book to see how this gets resolved.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Geis: A Matter of Life & Death by Alexis Deacon

She's a very well studied girl and is at the meeting because she was invited.  They are there to determine the next chief in the village.  Those who hold high positions think they should get them automatically.  The will from the dead chief states that they must pass a test to win.  They protest but no one listens.  Magic disperses them all over the Kingdom.

Nobrow sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published today, so you can get a copy now.

This is a graphic novel that combines, magic, myth, folktales and more together to tell the tale.

Those that don't return to the castle by dawn will die.  They all have to endure hardships to get there and some give up.  The girl is determined and goes to her father's library to look up information about death magic.  What she finds doesn't encourage her but she's still in castle at dawn.  Even though the prince tried to kill her three times or so.

The graphics are well done, the story is interesting, and there will be more of this story.  Any who survived the first test now has another test coming up...

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan

Nina works at the library and she loves connecting people with books that resonate for them.  She knows a lot about books and it's the perfect job for her.  Unfortunately, her library is being closed and she has a chance to reapply to the main library or she can find a new job.  While she's trying to recover from the job loss, she keeps bringing library books home.  Her roommate is not thrilled.  She doesn't want more books in their home.  But what's Nina to do?  Then she got an idea...

William Morrow and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published September 20th.

I really loved this book.  I'm addicted to reading and have my own book business so I knew how Nina felt.  I also know how rewarding it is to recommend a book and have people get excited over reading it.  Books talk to me and this one talked pretty loud!

She decides to buy a van and run a mobile bookshop.  She doesn't have much money so she looks for an older used van.  She finds one.  It's been sitting for a long time and doesn't look like much, but she takes it for a test drive.  She also stalls it on the railroad track crossing and almost gets hit by a train. She meets the men on the train and they get her off the tracks so they can go on.  She begins a friendship with one of the men she hopes might turn into something more.

When she gets back, the man who owns the van refuses to sell it to her.  She goes home heartbroken.  A call from the pub owner offers her an opportunity; the two men in the pub and the owner will buy the van and then resell it to her for the purchase price.  She says she needs to think about it.  She does and she buys it.  Then she goes on to the adventure of her life...

She finds out she can't do her mobile business in the big city but she can in the small town where the van is.  So she moves.  Her new landlord is grouchy and rude but he has a lovely place in the barn he will rent to her.  It takes a bit to get the van cleaned up and ready to go but when she starts visiting the town, folks flock to her.  There hasn't been a library or bookshop in town for ages.  She's not making a lot of money but she's staying alive.  Nina likes to help people and her landlord calls her a do-gooder, but she doesn't care.  And, soon, he seems to be helping, too. 

This is a sweet story with some strange happenings that's set in Scotland.  Nina finds her life purpose and meets her love in this small town.  That awful loss of job turned out to be the beginning of her life as a stronger woman.

Give this one a read; it'll make you smile.

The Ghosts of Pebble Brook Lodge by Linda Covella

Pepper has had to move again.  Her parents refurbish homes, restaurants, even lodges.  They are also chefs.  Every time Pepper has made a new friend that she really likes, they move.  At least this time it's just some miles away, not states away.  She was doing OK with the change until she saw the ghost...

The author and Goddess Fish Blog Tours gave me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  You can buy a copy on Amazon now.

Pepper and her little sister explore the lodge but it's huge.  One unique thing about it is that a river runs through the restaurant.  It's pretty and soothing and not very deep.  It's also where a young girl died.  Pepper hears the story at a shop downtown and when she mentions it to her mother she confirms it's true.  Her little brother was accused of killing her and they say he's not right in the head.  He's an adult now and Pepper admires his skill at carving.  She also sees his gentle nature and thinks that he couldn't be a murderer.  But how to prove it?

This has a feel of the old fashioned mysteries I used to read as a child.  It's written for young adults and is a very pleasant read.  Pepper has the ability to see ghosts but she can't figure out what they are trying to tell her.  She finds four different ghosts and they all have part of the story.

Ms. Covella makes everything fit together smoothly.  There are scary moments and one evil ghost but Pepper prevails.  There's plenty of action and her words carried me down the trail to the end of the story with anticipation of how it would end.

This is the second in this series and I'm sure there will be more to come.  It will be fun to see Pepper grow up and conquer more challenges.

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