Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Last Night at the Beach House by Claire Harlow

Olivia Harper finds herself entangled in the lavish world of Richard Bennett, a man whose charm is as vast as his secrets. When Richard is found dead, the peaceful community is thrust into a web of intrigue and suspicion. With the help of her spirited best friend Milly, the irresistible Dr. Ethan Foster, and her lovable Golden Retriever Barkley, Olivia delves into a web of jealousy, betrayal, and hidden motives, where every acquaintance of Richard becomes a suspect with something to lose. As the investigation unfolds, a colorful cast of characters emerges, each with secrets of lies, love, and betrayal. From the enigmatic artist entwined in a troubling affair to a vengeful sister shadowed by family feuds, the suspects' motives are as murky as the coastal fog. Before a threat becomes deadly, Olivia must unravel the intricate web of deceit, exposing a truth more perilous than the stormy seas, and bringing a cunning murderer to justice.

Monday, May 27, 2024

Pond of Refelections by C A Russell

Content in her father’s wise kingdom, Princess Journee loves life but has one nagging question: Who is she? Yes, she is a mouse and a princess, but who is she really? With her adventurous spirit and her father’s mighty steed to protect her, she goes on a quest to find herself. The adventure takes an interesting turn when she befriends a toad and an owl who tell her about a legendary Pond of Reflection known to reveal one's true identity. But first they must find it, if indeed it exists. Their friendship and appreciation for each other grow as they encounter difficulties along the way, and strange happenings in the ancient Whoami Forest.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

The Adventue of the Egyption Tomb by Agatha Chistie

n Agatha Christie's short story, "The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb," the widow of a famous Egyptologist consults Poirot on the suspicious death of her husband and an American financier, Bleibner. The mystery takes Poirot and Hastings to Egypt to investigate the site of an archaeological dig. But who could want the two men dead? This short story originally appeared in the September 26, 1923 issue of The Sketch magazine.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Adventure of the Clapham Cook by Agatha Christie

Poirot is not interested in investigating some of the cases which appear in the newspapers when Hastings tries to bring them to his attention. These include ones about a bank clerk, Mr. Davis, who disappears with fifty thousand pounds of securities, a suicidal man, and a missing typist. He is put on the spot though when visited by a Mrs. Todd who is determined that he investigate her missing cook. Challenged, he decides, with some humour and to avoid an argument, to take the seemingly trivial case. Eliza Dunn, a middle-aged woman, walked out of her job and the Todd's house in Clapham two days ago without working her notice. She has not communicated with her employer since, except for sending for her trunk that very day. What can Poirot make of this?

Friday, May 24, 2024

Cozy Cat Caper Mystery Box set: Book 1-3 includes Murder, Framed, and Poisoned in Cherry Hills by Paige Sleuth

Welcome to Cherry Hills, where small-town life can be deadly. This box set includes the first three books in the Cozy Cat Caper Mystery series. If you enjoy light, fun, cozy mysteries without excessive violence, bad language, or graphic scenes, then grab this three-book collection today and join Kat Harper and her two crime-fighting felines in their quest for justice!Murder in Cherry Hills (Book 1) How do you solve a murder when the only eyewitness can't talk? Kat Harper has barely settled back into small-town life in Cherry Hills, Washington, when she spies her neighbor's tortoiseshell cat Matty sitting on her doorstep. But Matty's not making a social call. The newly orphaned feline has just witnessed her owner's violent death.But who would want to kill the elderly Mrs. Tinsdale? Was it one of her fellow animal rescue volunteers? A money-hungry daughter? A local veterinarian with something to hide? Or someone completely unexpected?If Kat wants to put the murderer behind bars, the amateur sleuth is going to need Matty to lend a furry paw to her investigation. But how do you convince a cat eyewitness to reveal "whodunit"?Framed in Cherry Hills (Book 2) What happens when big trouble comes to a small town? Cherry Hills resident Kat Harper doesn't expect her first meeting with the Furry Friends Foster Families animal rescue to kick off with the mysterious absence of another member. But it soon becomes clear why Willow Wu is a no-show; she's been arrested for a crime that nobody can believe.Kat's convinced someone framed Willow. But who would do such a thing? A crooked small-town cop with big dreams? A local teenager looking for revenge? Or the disgruntled caterer who lost out on a lucrative job?With this case hitting so close to home, Kat's determined to find the guilty party. And if she can cajole her cat Matty into lending another helping paw, the amateur detective might just succeed.Poisoned in Cherry Hills (Book 3) Animal rescue can be a deadly business. Murder is the last thing on Kat Harper's mind when she shows up for the Furry Friends Foster Families benefit dinner. But that's exactly what she gets when one of the guests drops dead. Now the focus of the evening has shifted from cat adoptions to catching a killer.Between an old childhood rival, a sister in line to inherit everything, and a couple with opportunity aplenty, there's no shortage of suspects. Kat's going to need all of her sleuthing skills if she hopes to identify "whodunit" this time . . . especially when her cats Matty and Tom turn the case on its head and force her to question everything that happened that tragic night.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Too Much Glue by Jason Lefebvre

Winner of:PAL Award Although Matty’s art teacher has warned him that too much glue never dries, Matty loves glue. After all, he and his dad make oodles of glue projects at home. One day during art class, Matty finds the fullest bottles of glue, and the fun begins. With a squeeze and a plop, Matty pours a lake of glue before belly-flopping right in the middle and finds himself stuck to the desk. When Matty’s dad arrives at the school, instead of being mad, he celebrates his son’s creativity and calls him a work of art. With vibrant language and artwork and a wild, silly plot, Too Much Glue is sure to appeal to all children who love to get messy.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The Faithful Dog by Terry Lee Caruthers

When German-born Louis Pfeif leaves home to join the Fifty-Eighth Illinois Infantry Regiment in 1862, his dog accompanies him. At Chicago's Camp Douglas, Bärchen charms Louis's fellow officers-even Colonel Lynch. As the Civil War escalates, the unit is transferred to Tennessee and placed under the command of General Lew Wallace. Shortly afterward, they come under fire at Erin Hollow. Bärchen proves his mettle-remaining by Louis's side amid the boom of cannon and the rattle of musketry. Then one morning the two are thrust onto a battlefield, where one will die and the other must learn to carry on. Based on a true story and the history of the Fifty-Eighth Illinois, The Faithful Dog powerfully illustrates the unwavering bond of devotion between dogs and their humans.

Last Night at the Beach House by Claire Harlow

Olivia Harper finds herself entangled in the lavish world of Richard Bennett, a man whose charm is as vast as his secrets. When Richard is f...