Friday, October 30, 2015

My First Peanuts: 123 - A Counting Adventure by Charles Schulz and My First Peanuts: ABC - An Alphabet Adventure Personalized Book by Charles Schulz

What better way to learn your numbers than to count with Snoopy and his pals?  They are familiar characters, they have predictable behavior and they're fun!

Put Me in the Story sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  You can order it now with your child's name in it.  It would make a nice Christmas gift.

Woodstock is hanging around.  Lucy is still lifting up the football on Charlie.  But while you laugh and enjoy the illustrations, you'll also be learning how to use numbers.  There are more characters each page and you learn how to count to ten.  You'll want to read the book more than once so you don't miss any of the antics of the characters.

Here is a companion book you'll want to pick up.  It handles the alphabet.  This is also from Put Me in the Story (thanks again).

Look at the page with B.  How can you not love an illustration like that pointing out the b's?

Alliteration abounds and the sentence for each letter is a joy to read.  I had fun with the alphabet book and I get your young one will, too.  It'll even be fun to read it to them.  The personalization will make the book uniquely theirs and even more special.  What's not to like?

Another good thing:  They are running these books on special right now.  You can purchase them with a nice discount. 
Use code SNOOPY to receive $10 OFF on personalized Peanuts books.
will both be discounted to $19.99. Code valid 10/25-10/31.

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