Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Stones In the Road By E.B. Moore

Joshua is eleven.  His father is a deacon, his family is plain, and he likes the members of the community and his family.  If only his father would quit sneaking out and drinking, it'd be perfect.  When he drinks, he thinks Joshua is Issac from the bible.  He can't kill him, but he beats him.

New American Library sent me a copy of this book to read for review.  It is being published today, so you can acquire a copy now.

When his father couldn't find his stick and was looking for another weapon, Joshua tries to escape.  In the ensuing battle, he fights back.  Before it's over, the liquor has been knocked to the floor and the the candle has been knocked off the table.  His father throws him out the window to save him from the fire and Joshua runs.  His father almost dies in the fire but Joshua doesn't know because he doesn't stop running.

Years pass as Joshua travels and tries to get to California.  He meets good and bad people, all Englishers.  It seems everyone who was kind to him has to leave him or dies.  He's learning the hard way that he has to depend on himself.  It's even worse when he gets to California and it's no big deal.  His dream was just a dream.  Yes, there's an ocean, but he misses his family.

This story is full of turmoil.  Joshua is treated badly by several people.  He does things he doesn't feel right about. But he's growing up.  The poor boy just has several stones to trip over on the road of life.  But he survives...

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