Thursday, October 15, 2015

Messy Penny (Penny the Peacock) by Roopa Weber (Author), Manda Szewczyk (Illustrator)

Penny, the peacock is getting up for school when she notices that she just doesn't look right...

The author, Roopa Weber, gifted me a copy of her book for her review (thank you).  I'm glad she did, it's a sweet read with a message for little ones.  You can buy a copy of Amazon now.

Her tail isn't flat, it's rumpled.  Her hair won't lay down right.  And she just doesn't have that inner glow of happiness.  What's she to do?  She's so disappointed she talks to her Mom about it.  This is where the lesson is expressed.  Her mother tells her that what makes her beautiful is her personality.  It's not the attractiveness of your outside that matter; it's what makes you you that's important.

Encouraged, Penny goes to school.  She also discovers that what her mother said was true.  No one pays any attention to those things Penny was worried about.

I agree with Penny's mother.  You can be beautiful and mean.  You can be odd in some way and be the nicest person of all.  Just be you, that's all that matters.

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