Saturday, October 24, 2015

Amish Christmas at North Star: Four Stories of Love and Family by Cindy Woodsmall, Mindy Starns Clark, Emily Clark, Amanda Flower

This book consists of four novellas about one Christmas season where an Amish birther (midwife) helps deliver four babies all in one night.  This is the story of their lives and loves in another Christmas season.

WaterBrook Press and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It's already been published, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

These young men and women are yearning for their own love and family but they also are harboring doubt.  Some of the breakups were sudden and hurtful.  Some just walked away and didn't come back.  This Christmas season is bringing them together again and forgiveness goes a long way.

One woman had menstrual problems and had to have a hysterectomy.  That meant no children and she wouldn't do that to her love.  She broke up with him and wished him the best.  Her heart hurt but she didn't want to break his.  Another girl wasn't sure she wanted to settle down and act like a proper Amish wife.  She wanted to travel, learn to use her math skills and see the world.  So she walked away from Amish life.  But she returns only to find her love gone.

My favorite character is Sam.  He's Andy's younger brother and he's trying to get him to come home see his love again.  He's also helping an old man come to terms with a bad situation and starting to live again.  

Each tale is about resolution and the reappearance of love.  This is a great read right before Christmas.  Happily ever after always makes me smile. 

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