Friday, October 9, 2015

My "New Yorker" Stories by Thomas Owen

If you like esoteric stories that are a bit odd, you'll like this book.

Mr. Owen sent me a copy of it to review.  You can buy it now on Amazon.  These are stories he wrote hoping to get them in the New Yorker magazine.  I've seen the New Yorker but never read it.  I always thought it was bit stiff and formal.  Mr. Owen's stories are not but they are unusual.

The first one (and my favorite one) is The Winner's House.  It all started out as a good idea for a class project and it turned into a monster.  Two families are doing anything they can to win it.  With all the chances they've bought, they should be sure too.  Right...

Reality - "The Final Episode" reads just like some of these TV shows.  They keep going further and further trying to ensure the public will watch.  I think some are going beyond the pale now and don't watch, but here's the ultimate reality show for you.

February is an interesting story.  Apparently there are people who go nuts in February and act out however they can.  There's no real harm done, but this main character in this story is not normal.

These stories don't even taste like they were done by the same author but I know they were.  It's amazing what roads our minds can travel.  If you'd like to walk down some different ones, try these stories.  Who knows, they may sound familiar...


Anonymous said...

Mucho gracias for your kind words which have me curled into a ball of happiness and humming "King of the Road." As for weirdness in February, perhaps someone from the Northwest could tell you about winters there when the clouds hang dark and heavy and it seems as if the rain will never stop. Then imagine that with unceasing snow and bone chilling temperatures.

Thomas Owen

Journey of a Bookseller said...

I grew up in Washington so I know what weather is like there. That's how I got started reading so much!