Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Silver Dragon: Riders of Fire – A Prequel Novelette by Eileen Mueller

Marlies is an apprentice healer.  The main healer is gone and they have a dragon rider and a dragon that have been injured.  She goes to help.  The dragon rider doesn't make it but she can help the dragon.

The author shared this book with me.  You can get a copy of the book HERE.

 She has this one bully in town after her.  His father is rich and protects him, so he's out of control.  A friend of hers starts teaching her how to fight and that's a good thing.

The dragon returns and tells Marlies she's his new dragon rider.  Almost immediately afterward a caravan is in danger and needs help.  Off they go to the rescue.  Part of the reason she's so willing to go is because she thinks it's her father's caravan! 

It is her father's caravan and they do need help!  It gets real exciting here.  

This was a good fantasy read and I enjoyed it!

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