Friday, August 21, 2020

The French Widow by Mark Pryor

Hugh Marston was walking when he saw a man pull a gun out and start shooting.  He killed one lady and kept shooting, so Hugh pulls his gun and shoots.  He misses with the first two shots, but he hits the gun with third shot and the killer with the fourth.  He's a hero for a short while until they find the guns the man had came from them embassy that Hugh worked at.  Who and how had that happened?

Simon & Schuster and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It was published September 15th.

This mystery is more psychological than most.  If Hugh didn't have a good brain, they might have gotten away with it.

He's trying to figure out why the youth he shot was out shooting at random.  Looking over where he lives, they find his mother dismembered and hidden in different pieces of furniture and the freezer.  He was obviously not sane.

When he visits the husband of the dead woman, he picks up that something is off, but he's not sure what.

Then they get a call from a moneyed family that is missing a son.  No one knows when he left or where he'd go.  The police search but find nothing.  Then another sister is killed.  It's supposed to look like a suicide but Hugh knows better.

Both cases are tough.  It takes Hugh's instincts to solve both crimes but there is no happily ever after.

Life is like that.

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