Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Breath the Sky by Michelle Hazen

Mari is a bio and saves endangered animals.  She's on site with a crew building towers and there's one guy no one wants to do business with.  Of course, she gets assigned to his crew...

Berkley and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published today.

Jack is rough and loud and gets mad at his crew if they are not careful.  At times they are so high a fall would be a killer so he watches them like a hawk and comes to the rescue when he can.  She knows he's loud but she attributes that to his worries.  When she finds a little turtle under his wheel, he's not happy.  He's going to a meeting and doesn't have time for a turtle.  He shouts all over her until she shows him the baby turtle.  Then he takes it and goes to find shade to put it in.  He's not as heartless as he acts.

Later down the line his boss tells him to destroy the endangered bird eggs so their work site won't be shut down anymore.  He looks them up, but they are so small he can't do it.  Mari was right there watching him and she told him thank you.  He hadn't seen her but he was glad he followed his instincts.

Then he finds out what motel she's in.  One of the crew has moved there too and is harassing her.  Jack moves in next door to her and stops that nonsense.  They can hear each other through the thin motel walls.  They are watching the same programs each night.  One night she gets brave and grabs two beers and goes next door.  She suggests they watch TV together.  They do.  And some how it leads to something else...

His brother is in jail and he has to go bail him out.  They fight before he leaves.  They don't talk after that.  She heads out for a new job now that this one was done.  He comes back and looks for her but can't find her.  Nobody will tell him where she is or share her new number.  Will he find his love?

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