Thursday, May 31, 2012

Revenge is Sweet by Misty Evans

Kali is not your average girl-next-door; she's a vengeance demon.  She hates the fact she can't take vengeance for herself, but she can help others.  She does what she needs to do, but she never intended to get bit by a vampire...

Ms. Evans graciously sent me a copy of her book for review (thank you).  I enjoy her writing style and was happy to do so.  You can grab a copy of this book from Amazon now.

When Kali heads out on a job, she has no idea she's going to run into the guy who left her standing at the altar three hundred years ago.  That's when not being able to take her own vengeance really sucks.  It doesn't help when he's still as hot as he always been and he wants to kiss her and resume their relationship.

Kali's troubles really start when she kills the vampire kingpin and her boss and the vampire leaders want her to become the vampire queen and take over the group.  Her answer is not only no, but hell no!  Does anyone listen?  No.

The action is good, you find yourself rooting for Rad (her half-demon boyfriend that left her at the altar) and hoping he's not as bad as she's afraid he might be, and you aren't sure you can see a way out of the vampire troubles for her, but she's going to try...

This fantasy will keep you entertained all the way through.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Why not give it a try and see what you think?

Happy reading.

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