Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bears Beware by Patricia Reilly Giff

Mitchell is not real excited about staying overnight at the Nature Center on a field trip.  I mean, they'll be sleeping outside.  You know, where the wild things live...

Wendy Lamb Books sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  The book has been published and is number five in the series, so there are several for you to choose from.

Mitchell is a bit fearful.  His best friend, Habib, isn't afraid of anything and he's going along too, so maybe it won't be so bad.  Ha!

With all the strange noises, Mitchell isn't sleeping and is getting scared.  But Michell learns something about himself as the night goes on.  You don't have to be fearless, but you do have to what needs to be done.

Could you do what Mitchell does?  Why not read the story and find out?

Happy reading!

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