Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hepen the Watcher by Linda Nagata

This is a very interesting fantasy read.  The two main messages I found in the story are:  If you are a god or a demon, don't piss your wife off; and men, don't abuse women or you may find a demon in your life.

Mythic Island Press and Library Thing allowed me to read egalley of this book.  It has been published and you can find a copy through your regular ebook sites.

Dismay is a demon who was sent away by his wife.  His calling is to respond to women being abused who pray to him.  He kills the men causing the problem.

His troubles start when he is captured trying to save a woman who befriended him.  The sheriff is determined to take him to the King and reap the benefits of this unbelievable task he has set for himself.  Dismay is equally determined to escape, but steel is something he can't fight.

The author adds a poet, a girl the sheriff has raped and her sister to the pot and mixes it up liberally.  They are odd creatures to be on the demon's side, but they are willing to do what they can to help even knowing they may die in the process.

There is magic, evil, greed, love, grand fights, and lots of death.  It's an action packed story that keeps your attention.  The ending is a bit ironic and I liked it.

Why not hang out with Dismay and his friends and see how it all goes as they fight against a King that can't be seen...

Happy reading.

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