Saturday, November 19, 2011

What Dat? David Horvath, Sun-Min Kim

This is a cute little picture book that asks the child to search for an item or person in the illustration.  It's for ages 6-8, so nothing is too hidden.

Random House sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can find a copy in your local bookstore.

The subtitle of this book is:  The Great Big UGLYDOLL Book of Things To Look At, Search For, Point To, and Wonder About.  That's certainly true!

This a husband/wife team and you can tell they  had great fun with this book.  Most of the characters are ugly, they make up words, and create cute little stories to go with the search for items.  Everything is named, so there are a lot of words to learn and have good fun while you're doing it.

This is an easy way to teach children to observe what's in the picture and perhaps create their own stories.  Why not have them write some alternative stories on their own?  There is enough going on in the illustrations you could come up with several stories!

And even if they just like to find the item hiding on the page, it's great for that, too.  There are a lot of items, but they are grouped pretty well and not too hard to find.

Why not get a copy for your young one and let them have some fun with a book they can share with their friends or read alone.  Reading it several times is no guarantee you will have seen all the creatures and items on the pages...

Happy reading.

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