Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ice Song by Kirsten Imani Kasai

She has a secret.  A secret she wants no one to know...

Del Ray, an imprint of Random House, and Net Galley allowed me the opportunity to read this book (thank you).  It was published earlier this year, so you can snag a copy at your local bookstore now.

Sorykah is a miner by choice.  She has minimal contact with people even though they work in close quarters, and she likes it that way.  She had a weak moment one evening and now has twins.  After a bit of despair about that, she has grown to love her children and they bring a bit of hope to her life.  She's also a Trader, but she hides that well.

I have mixed emotions about this book.  The story is complex, well written, with hard struggles for all.  I was reading along enjoying it all until the main character ends up a "House of Love", which is a lot like a brothel.  Having sex displayed before a crowd and sleeping with various people is part of she was must do to get her children back from the Collector, but it was a bit overdone to me.  With all the challenges Sorykah faced and conquered, this was one I could have skipped.

The story overall is good, the ending is interesting and Sorykah's Trader nature is even coming to terms with itself.  It was well worth reading, but it would have been even better for me without the sex.  That is probably a private point of view.  This is just spicy, not erotic.  And most people don't mind reading that.  I'm just not one of them.

Happy reading.

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