Tuesday, November 8, 2011

bronte & frank go to moscow by Megan Worthy

This is a Traveltivity Guide for ages 3+.  This unique travel book will keep your little one's attention and interest as you visit Moscow.

Worthy Hen sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  You can order a copy of it now; the book has been published.  This is very cute and interesting book for travel adventures.

Bronte is a little girl and Frank is her teddy bear.  The illustrations are done in stick form, just like children draw.  The best part of this book is that recommends places to go, offers activities to keep the trip exciting, teaches the child some new Russian words, there's a spot for them to make notes of what they see, and it even it has a CD that will share some Moscow songs and some Russian translations.  What more could you want?

And, if you haven't the funds to make the actual trip, with the use of Google and this book, you can make a virtual trip with your little one.  See the world in person or staying at home, it's up to you!

Happy reading.

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