Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Hungry Ghost of Rue Orleans by Mary Quattlebaum

Have you ever visited New Orleans?  It's a fun, magical place, with folks from every culture and with lots of good food.  This is a ghost story about this area...

Random House sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  This is one of the cutest picture books I've seen for a while.  You can get a copy at your local bookstore.

Patricia Castelao's illustrations give the story flavor.  Her characters have a touch of French in their depiction and that makes the story even more fun to read.

Fred loved his haunted house.  It was nice and quiet, appropriately dusty and dirty and the furniture was falling apart, what more could a ghost want?  Well, maybe he could want to stop the man and his daughter from buying the house and fixing it for a restaurant, don't you think?

Poor Fred.  They walk right through him and commence cleaning up.  So he decides to haunt the restaurant and drive them out of business.  Oops, that doesn't work either; it just makes them more popular!

The ending on this story is cute and special.  I'm sure your young one will be happy to see how it all turns out.

Happy reading.

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