Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Classmate Murders by Bob Moats

He's sixty years old, unemployed, and living with his parents.  Anything would be better than that, right?

Mr. Moats shared a free copy of this ebook with me (thank you).  He pointed out it was his first book and, as such, might not be of the same quality of writing as his later books.  I was perfectly happy with this one, so I'm sure I'd enjoy reading the others he's written also.

I'm the same age and probably in the same shape as Jim Richards, but at least I have my own home and my own business.  He soon finds himself a new line of work, but not without some pain...

He's amazed to see a phone call from one of his classmates from 40 years ago.  He hasn't talked to her since school, and he was a bit in love with her then.  He calls to see why she thinks someone is trying to kill her and he ends up talking to a cop.  Someone was successful in their murder attempt...

This story is a bit off the wall, and that's what makes it such fun to read.  He decides he's going to investigate the murder.  Especially after another classmate gets murdered.  Who's killing them and why? Good thing he has a big biker buddy for a friend because he gets in lots of trouble along the way.

The story is plausible, fun to read, and the murderer is not obvious.

If you like a fun mystery story that moves fast, this is a good one for you to read.  The best part?  It's free now on Smashwords.  Go get a copy!

And if you want more, here's a list of his books:
Now Available: Classmate Murders * Vegas Showgirl Murders * Dominatrix Murders * Mistress Murders * Bridezilla Murders * Magic Murders * Strip Club Murders * Made-for-TV Murders * Mystery Cruise Murders * Talk Show Murders * Sin City Murders * Black Widow Murders * Vegas Vigilante Murders * Area 51 Murders * Mortuary Murders * Hypnotic Murders * Sunshine State Murders * Blue Suede Murders * Honky Tonk Murders

Happy reading.


Bob Moats said...

Thank you so much, Jo Ann, I appreciate the wonderful review. The book is now also available on for free and has in just 2 days been downloaded over 7000 times, I'm amazed. Thanks again, Bob

Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie said...

Lots of my followers love mysteries, so I expect you'll get a few more downloads, LOL!

SusanB said...

Thanks for the heads up! Downloaded it just now.