Friday, November 18, 2011

A Cowboy for Christmas by Kristen James

If you could have anything you wanted for Christmas, would you choose a cowboy?

Ms. James gave me this ebook to read and review (thank you).  Brilliant Book Press has previously published it, and it's available on Amazon now.

Missy Nelson wanted to get away from the big city and the man who harassed her there, so she came to the ranch she had inherited from her brother.  She wasn't a rancher, hadn't ridden a horse, and wasn't used to hard work.  But she was willing to do all those things to keep the ranch.

Brent Williams didn't even know Ben had a sister.  He had started the business with him and wasn't about to let her take the ranch away from him.  He wasn't thrilled about having her for a partner either.  But he didn't have much choice...

Both these characters have some baggage and try to walk softly around each other, but the attraction between them is overwhelming and the sex is good, so???

This is a good story with two characters that are hesitant at love.  It's fun to watch their dance.

Why not grab a copy today?  It's only 99 cents.  It will also be featured on Pixel of Ink on Dec 11!  If you haven't discovered them yet, here's the link to sign up:  Pixel of Ink

Happy reading!

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