Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dark Vow by Shona Husk

She's a gunsmith, a very good one.  Her husband, Lance, owns the shop and she can apprentice to him but never become a gunsmith on her own because she's female.  She's happy.  Then a bounty hunter walks through the door and her life falls apart...

Carina Press and Net Galley shared an ebook with me for review (thank you).  This story will be published on November 14th.  I liked this one well enough that have pre-ordered a copy.  And I am not fond of ebooks.  I prefer print books.  But I wanted this one enough to sacrifice my preference and get a copy however I could...

Jaines Cord alters the bounty hunter's gun and makes him some new bullets to use.  She had no idea the first person he would kill with it would be her husband.

This world has no place for a single woman.  It doesn't even treat the married ones well.  Jaines manages to avoid the dangers, fight them off when she needs to, and she goes looking for answers about why her husband died.  She intends to kill his killer, even if it's almost impossible to do.

Along the way she meets a man with an obisidian hand, who is willing to help her even if he is a rogue Arcane.  The bounty hunter will be after him, too, so he has his own self-interest to protect.

The story is almost steampunky:  monster horses, magical bullets and guns, a biological source for the night lights, and more are introduced in this story.  It has a taste of the old west.  And it takes no time at all for you to want to help Jaines along with her journey.  She just doesn't know how painful it will become before the end.

I'm buying myself a copy of this for my personal library.  Are you sure you don't want to?  It's a very good read.

Happy reading.

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