Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fatal Rejection by Bob Moats

It's dangerous to mimic a serial killer.  Derek really should have thought about that...

The author sent me a free ebook to review (thank you).  The digital book is available on Amazon and Smashwords now.

This story stretched my credibility, but it was a fast, action- packed story and kept me reading.

Derek is a real piece of work.  He spent 10 years in jail, wrote a book about the New York Slasher and got it published, and he's never forgotten the first editor who rejected his earlier work.  He's decided it's time to pay her back.  But he has a few other people to take out first...

Sarah has left New York and moved to Washington to try to start a new life.  Her husband and best friend were killed in her home while she was away, and she can't forget that on the east coast, so she moves west.

And Derek follows her, killing along the way...

Take a walk through a psycho's mind and see just who comes up still alive by the end of the book, it's a fascinating journey.

Happy reading.

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