Monday, November 21, 2011

Tritcheon Hash by Sue Lange

This is an intriguing look at a future world where the men continue to live on earth and the women have moved to another planet.  I have had my own moments when I felt like that might be best solution, but I get over it.  In this story, it's already come to pass and there is no going back.  Or is there?

I got this book from Library Thing.  It will be published this month by Bookview Cafe.  

This is a combination of Science Fiction and Fantasy.  The author makes her main character almost invincible, but she's still human.  Tritcheon is bored.  Doing the same old tests all the time gets old.  She does love flying, but not sitting around waiting for the test to actually work.

Her wife, Drannie, seems a bit uncontent, too.  They have two children and they both love them dearly, but the relationship between them is shrinking.

My favorite part of the story is Tritch.  She's irreverent, takes chances, and seeks adventure.  She doesn't worry about if someone likes her or if she pisses them off.  She just wants to fly.

The tale of how she gets involved with an earth male who is in an exchange program and how that impacts a future mission is a bit of a stretch, but is possible.

I found the story unusual and entertaining.  If you find someone being blunt about male organs offensive, this story might bother you.  It made me laugh because Tritch had never seen one before.  Of course, her male friend had never seen breasts before either, so show and tell was in order.

This author's story amused me.  I like that in an author.

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