Monday, November 28, 2011

Pass It On! Marilyn Sadler

One Halloween I went to an all girl party where we played various parlor games.  One of those was "Pass It On".  We made a big circle, the first girl read the note and then we took turns whispering in the ear of the girl of next to us what we heard.  What it got turned into by the time it made it around the circle was hilarious!  The animals in this picture book don't have much better luck...

Blue Apple Books allowed me to download an ebook to review this book (thank you).  It will be published April 24th, 2012, so mark it down on your TBR list for the future.

The cow gets stuck in the fence and when her friend, Bee, comes to visit, she asks him to help her.  He's too small to help her so he sets out on a quest to get to get aid.  As each animal repeats the message, it gets stranger and stranger and it's amusing to read.

Michael Slack did the illustrations and they are bright and colorful and contain a touch of whimsey.  Your young one's eyes will drink up colors and laugh out loud at the silly animals misinterpretations of the original request.

Why not share a fun story with your young ones during a short reading time?  They'll enjoy it and you will, too.

Happy reading.

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