Friday, July 8, 2016

Odds on Miss Seeton by Heron Carvic

There is someone running the local gambling club that shouldn't be.  The owner believed in keeping everything above board and run legally.  The new guy is blackmailing him with his family's health (families can have accidents) so he can run the club for the mafia.  No one has ever been able to get a picture of him.  So they send Miss Seeton in.  Undercover, of course...

Farrago and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It was published June 30th.

They turned Miss Seeton into a very rich woman who likes to gamble.  She's wearing a lot of diamonds, has a fur coat and has a police escort.  The problem is the escort got drunk and the new guy has seen this lady before and knows it's not her.  She almost doesn't make it out of the place alive.

The girl she met at the club comes to visit and asks her for help.  Her brother is getting involved with the wrong people at the club and she wants to protect him.  She asks Miss Seeton to spend the weekend at her home.  She can meet the family and maybe give her some ideas on how to help her brother.  Unfortunately, the brother is trying to impress the bad guys and he lets a murderer in.  Good thing she felt that breeze and got out of bed...

There's a budding romance, a man bent on killing her and a wonderful ironic ending to the story.  Mr. Carvic had a devious mind and he made Miss Seeton a loveable character.  By not taking gifts from strangers, she's still alive at the end of this story.

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