Friday, August 6, 2010

Water, Weed and Wait by Edith Hope Fine and Angela Demos Halpin

Have you ever had a garden? Miss Marigold is going to teach her elementary school class how to grow one and you won't believe who helps them.

This book was provided by Random House Children's Books. It's illustrated by Colleen Madden, and will be going on sale this month.

There's magic in growing your own green plants and the two authors express that in the story of this class creating a garden. As always, the hardest part is the "wait", but the reward at the end of the season makes it worth it.

The only problem is Mr. Barks-a-Lot. He's always barking at the kids about something. Will he ever calm down?

Miss Marigold's idea of growing a garden can be done in any community. Teach the children how to grow their own food and they will always have something to eat. Just find a spot and start! Here are some ideas for from their website:

This a great book to inspire your own gardeners. Look for a copy at your local bookstore. For ages 4 to 7.

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