Friday, August 6, 2010

Mule Train Mail by Craig Brown

Want to ride a mule down into the Grand Canyon? I rode one in Molokai down to the Leper's Colony below (Kalaupapa) and that was an exciting trip. (I had never ridden anything before...) I bet this trip would be just as thrilling!

Charlesbridge sent me this book for review. I thought it would be interesting and it sure is. It is also a part of history that has existed for a long time.

These mules are the postman's way of getting mail to the town of Supai. It's the home of the Havasupai Indians, and the only way there (for the post office) is by mules.

No matter the weather, the animal danger or accidents with the mules, nothing stops the mail from going through. It's a bit more of a challenge than travelling around in a mail truck/van.

There is a map to show you the route, the illustrations are rich in color, and it's how mail is currently being delivered as well as historically. Share a little history with your child.

This is a children's picture book, for ages 4-6. It is currently on sale in local bookstores. Pick up a copy and amaze your child with this unique mail delivery system.

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