Friday, August 20, 2010

The Desert Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta

I find most children's alphabet books boring - this one sure isn't!

Charlesbridge provided me with a copy of this book for review. I had not "tasted" this author before, but I will keep my eyes out for his other educational children's books.

Mark Astrella is the illustrator and his illustrations are very good at showing depth and distance - you really feel like you're out in the middle of a big desert as you read about these animals.

Since I live in a desert myself, I expected to recognize most of the animals and reptiles featured - wrong! I recognized the Oryx and the Elf Owl on the cover, but there were a great many animals I had never seen before.

Mr. Pallotta gives you lots of interesting facts about the desert and the residents there. He also inserts lots of fun like a bit of poetry and the question asking if you see who might be a danger to the Palmate Geckos. He MAKES you look and learn, but it's not at all like a school lesson. It's fun!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a child who has an interest in nature. And if yours doesn't, maybe this book would open their eyes to things you can see if you really look...

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