Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex by Lisa McClatchy

This is a tongue-in-your-cheek story of a young girl who wants to invite a T-Rex to her birthday party. What could be more fun?

Random House Children's Books sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you), and it was a hoot to read. It is written for ages 3-6 and the illustrations done by John Manders are full of bright colors and fun antics with a Tyrannosaurus Rex that will make you smile.

The letter Erin sends to invite him includes ideas on how they can use his tail for a slide, what they will feed him, and other activities they could do together. It's humorous, silly, and great fun to read.

This book is currently available at your local bookstore. Why not share the story with your young one and then talk about who or what they would like to invite to their next birthday party? Imagine, explore, and most of all, read!

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