Monday, August 9, 2010

Boo Cow by Patricia Baehr

You know I love children's picture books, but this one is special! Have you ever heard of a boo cow?

Charlesbridge provided me with a copy of this book for review, and I appreciate it. Margot Apple did the illustrations and her animals are sweet and cute, even the ghost.

Mr. and Mrs. Noodleman had always wanted to be farmers and finally managed to afford an old, run-down farm in the country. They named it the Chicken Noodle Farm and got ready to raise chickens. Once they got their 552 chickens, they were looking forward to having more eggs than they knew what to do with.

Somehow, that just didn't work out. They kept checking the nests and didn't understand why they didn't have any eggs. So Mr. Noodleman walked to the next farm and asked Farmer Hackett about it. Come to find out, their Chicken Noodle Farm had a ghost named Boo Cow. Mr. Hackett said the ghost scared the chickens and that was why they weren't laying. But was that true???

This book is for children in the 4-7 age range. The ghost isn't scary and it reads a bit like a fairy tale. This book is currently available in your local bookstore. How about a fun book for Halloween?

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