Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Pact of the Stone Book I: The Quest of Cheyenne by Kevin M Cooke

Do you remember the book "Watership Down"? This book reminded me of that storyline a bit because the heroes in this story are dogs.

Sterling House sent me this book for review (thank you) and this is the first book in a series.

It's a fantasy, with lots of action and magic. There's an insidious evil spreading across the land that must be stopped. You have an evil queen, a wicked sorcerer and a shaman involved. There are unicorns, rabbits, mice, birds and dogs that can speak and reason.

This is a fight between good and evil, and the evil is winning at the present moment. The woman shaman is good and the other side has unleashed a monster on her. The evil sorcerer has spelled Cheyenne's brother, Tippy. They know he's spelled but they don't understand how dangerous he is.

I found it a good fantasy/action read for older young adults. They will find lots of action and imagination in this book.

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Kevin M. Cooke said...

Thnks for nice review - this is just the tiny tip of the iceberg. I have 14 finished in series with about 6 left to write. i want to rerelease the first this summer, and the 2nd by end of year. My goal is to release 2 a year for next 10 years. I think the imagery of Maletoc is important. The building material is the bad thoughts and wicked deeds of our world. The nexus of Stonehenge comes up in next book, The Mist of Maletoc. We explore many mysteris throughout series
Kevin M. Cooke, author, The Pact of the Stone series