Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist: The Wyvern's Treasure by R. L. LaFevers

If your parents went missing, who would take care of you? Nathaniel has his Aunt Phil, but it's not the same. She thinks his parents might be dead, but Nathaniel doesn't.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is the publisher and this book will be coming out in October. Kelly Murphy is the illustrator, and the illustrations are dramatic and fit in well with the story line.

Nathaniel has just overcome a deadly basilisk attack with his Aunt, and they return home to find the house ransacked. It looks ugly and Aunt Phil has an idea who might have done this dreadful thing, so she rushes them right off to Nathaniel's home to see if that's been invaded.

There are many fantastic beasts in this book: A Dodo bird, Wyverns, and a Gremlin. The gremlin is Nathaniel's friend and she's my favorite character in this book. She can be a pest, isn't too neat and clean, and has a sharp mouth, but she'd be the type of pet I'd like at his age.

They find Nathaniel's home messed up, too, and then they have a beast emergency they must go to immediately - no cleaning now! The Wyverns are restless and believe the treaty between them and humans has been broken. That would mean they would have the right to ravage the lands again.

Aunt Phil and Nathaniel must find the interloper - within 24 hours...

Strange beasts, conniving relatives, all kinds of action and danger - what more could a young reader need to keep reading?

This is the third book in this exciting series. If you've been waiting for the next book to be published, it's coming in October and it's a great read. If not, do like I did and just jump in the middle of the series. It's a fun read!

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