Thursday, August 19, 2010

Harvest Moon By Mercedes Lackey

If you're an assassin, having magical talents is a plus.

Harlequin is the publisher, Luna is the imprint of this book. I downloaded my ebook from Net Galley (thank you) and I enjoyed this fantasy.

There are three tales with three authors: A Tangled Web by New York Times Bestselling Author MERCEDES LACKEY; Cast in Moonlight by New York Times Bestselling Author MICHELLE SAGARA; and Retribution by CAMERON HALEY.

All three are fast-paced, full of danger and magic, and full of challenges for the characters. Mercedes Lackey always writes good stuff so her name drew me to choose this book. But the other two authors were also very good.

I was especially impressed by Cameron Haley's story. It's a tale that turns back upon itself and it worked very well.

There are horrors in these stories, so don't read this one if that bothers you. They were a good addition to the stories and seemed normal in these fantasy worlds, so they didn't bother me.

This book will be published in October, so put it on your TBR list. It's a wild ride and fun to read as well.

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Cameron said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, Jo Ann, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the read!

"Retribution" is a prequel to my debut novel MOB RULES, which releases September 1st (also from Luna).

Thanks again -- this made my day!