Monday, August 16, 2010

Allegra Fairweather: Paranormal Investigator by Janni Nell

If you're going to get involved with other worldly animals/people/minerals, it's real handy if you have your very own guardian angel. Especially if he's a good looking man and always is there when your life is in danger...

This book was published by Carina Press and is available now in Mobipocket Reader and Adobe Reader ebook versions. I got my copy to review from Net Galley (thanks).

I really enjoyed this book. Allegra is not a wallflower. She's over 6 feet tall, has bright red short hair, and she's almost a lethal weapon. When she gets close to something paranormal, her big toe tingles. And she has a crush on her guardian angel - which is not allowed.

She goes to Scotland to see why a Dedfield Rose has burst out of the ground near the Loch at the request of a Scottish pub owner. She's pleasantly surprised when he turns out to be a very attractive young man who expresses an interest in her.

The author does a very good job of describing the sexual tension between Allegra and the two men in her life. I had trouble deciding who I wanted to root for. Ms. Nell also has some very good twists and turns in the plot. There is some local history mixed in with the new murders and it makes a very good read.

This book is written for adults, but young adults age 14+ would enjoy it also.

If you enjoy action/adventure and can do paranormal, this book is for you.

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