Friday, December 20, 2019

Pippa Park Raises Her Game by Erin Yun

Pippa loves playing basketball but her sister won't let her because her grades are too low.  She has a problem with math.  Then she finds out that she has signed her up with a tutor.  He's from the snobby private school.  He's also so good looking she can't believe it.  Studying with him isn't going to be easy...

Fabled Films Press sent an ARC of this story to read for review (thank you).  It will bw published on February 4th.

In a short period of time, she finds herself invited to the "snobby private school" on a basketball scholarship.  She thinks maybe her tutor got her in.  She goes but she's like a fish out of water.  She doesn't tell them she's from public school.  She makes a friend and sits with her at lunch.  Then she comes to the attention of the school's "royalty". They sit at a table up front for lunch and no one can join them without an invitation.  One of them invites her to sit with them.  Her old friend is hurt because she didn't get invited, too.  Then they are out having desert when her friend from home comes to visit.  The other girls make rude comments about him and he leaves.

The worst problem she runs into is that the boy she met in the park is her tutor's brother.  He's planning on playing his violin to try to win a scholarship to a music school.  She knows he's good.  But when she shows up for her lesson, his aunt takes his case away from him and forbids him to play.  She's told to go home and she sneaks in and takes the case with her and tells him where she stashed it.

Her mother was in a car accident in Korea, her older sister she lives with has gone to be with her.  That leaves her home with her brother-in-law.  She's trying to do the laundromat duties she must, do school, do basketball practice, fit in tutoring, and trying to cook.  Her first meal is a disaster.  She breaks down and tells him all her troubles.  He gives her some advice and sends her off again.  She's called to the office of the headmaster.  He tells her she's suspended for taking the case out of his house.  Someone videoed her carrying the case.

Is this it?  Can she overcome all her troubles?

I went from a parochial  school to a public high school.  I could relate to the young lady in this story.

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