Monday, September 7, 2015

The True Story of Spit MacPhee by James Aldridge

He's been living with Grandpa since he was five.  He mimics his spitting and talks as loud as the old man.  The old man in an eccentric and he lives in an old boiler.  The boy gets nicknamed "Spit" and enjoys his independence and his life.  He loves his grandfather.  But then Grandpa gets worse...

Text Publishing Company and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published October 13th.

What made me interested in this story is that it is set in Australia and features an old man and his grandson, down on the river.  My grandparents lived near the river and Grandpa went fishing all the time.  Spit fishes so they have something to eat.  He also knows about the mussels on the river and more.  His Grandpa needs his help because he gets these terrible headaches and they debilitate him.  Spit justs watches him to make sure he doesn't come to harm and then settles him down to rest.

I was surprised to read about the rift between Catholics and Presbyterians.  When the grandfather gets too bad and has to go in the hospital, there are two women who want to adopt him.  The law said the child would have to go to family in his faith.  However, Spit was almost of no faith.

Spit is a fascinating character who is outspoken, doesn't take any shit, and is determined he'll live where he wants to.  He has to learn to adjust.  In turn, the woman who wants to adopt him has a husband who isn't excited about it.  He finally signs.  Then she finds out the lady who is religious driven is going to try to adopt to him, too.  She can't afford an attorney.  Or can she?

Having this turn into a court hearing was an interesting change of events.  It takes a quick mind to work around the law and do it without being caught.  The end result was what I wanted, though.  Spit should be living happily ever after now.

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