Thursday, September 3, 2015

Every Word by Ellie Marney

Mycroft has taken off.  He's with his boss but he didn't talk to her before he left.  Probably because he knew what she would say...

Tundra Books and the author sent me an ARC of this to review (thank you).  It killed me, but I waited until closer to the publication date.  It will be coming out September 8th.

I was totally captured by the first book in this series and couldn't believe this one would exceed in wonder.  But it did.  I was captivated from the first page and I got extremely worried about the characters in the course of the story.  It won't bore you.

Rachel has an opportunity to follow Mycroft and she goes to support him.  He's in London and he's investigating a car crash that was just like his parents.  He thinks they are related.  He hasn't even told Rachel the whole story; he doesn't want to talk about it.  She's worried he'll go off the deep end if he doesn't deal with his old hurt.  She's also worried that he doesn't trust enough to love but she loves him.

They are working together on the case when Rachel makes a big mistake.  She decides to go examine the dead professor's office and gains entry by saying she's his niece.  That backfires when she gets kidnapped because she might know where the missing folio is.  It's worth a lot of money and the professor was a gambler.  He owed money; they want the folio.  That was what Rachel was looking for, but she has no idea where it is.  Try telling them that.

Soon, Mycroft is with her.  And things get worse...

I loved this book.  The bad guys are really bad, they are tied to Mycroft's parents murder, and there's action on almost every page.  There is romance involved, too, but it's a back story.   This is a story about life, determination, and commitment.  We all know life isn't easy but these two have a way of having more adventures than most.  I also know the story isn't over.  They have the name of the man behind all this but they have no idea who he is.  I bet they go searching in the next book.  You can also bet I'll be reading that one, too!

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