Monday, September 14, 2015

Lottie & The Temple Cat Quahr by J.A. Pak

Lottie is on a work farm.  Her mother died and her father couldn't keep her.  She works for her room and board.  When she's walking back from the field she sees two cats waiting for her.  Cats are only allowed on the farm if they hunt mice and these aren't from that batch.  Why would they be waiting for her?

I've read several of Ms. Pak's writings and they are always interesting and unusual.  Her mind wanders down little hallways many people would never see.  That's what makes her books unique and keeps your attention when you read.  I had to read this one because it involved cats and I love them.

Lottie finds herself taken into another world.  They take her to a temple and call her a Godling.  She's not the only girl who was brought there.  She's just one of the last.  There are eighty-eight "Godlings".  They are taught to dance and become one with the earth and sky.  The Goddess must maintain balance.

Quahr is Lottie's temple cat.  She's supposed to protect her and get her to class on time.  She is willing to answer questions, so Lottie has the advantage of learning how things work at the temple and why.  Lottie has more questions, though, and that gets her in trouble.

Ms. Pak's words always flow well and are a treat to read.  This story really didn't have much of a beginning and while this story ends, the overall story is not done.  Lottie will meet Quahr again.  So there will be another novella to read.  I bet if you read this one, you'll want to read the next one, too!

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