Friday, September 11, 2015

Let’s Go to School: Hello Kitty & Me

Are you looking for a cute gift idea for your young one?  I was invited to review one of Put Me In The Story's books and it's an excellent gift.

Put Me In The Story let me order a book with my own personalization for review (thank you).  They are offering three new stories about returning to school and they are all available now.

What makes it so nice is that the child gets his name printed on the book cover and so does the giver.  If you have a photo of the child, you can include that along with your inscription.  When I was small, I would have been very impressed by that.  Especially if you have an unusual name nobody ever spells right...

This is for kindergarten or first graders.  It would also work for preschool.  The words are simple and the story talks about what you do at school and the supplies you need.  It also teaches you to count.

Here's a simple way to make a child feel more comfortable about going to school.  How can you not be impressed when it has YOUR name on it?

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