Monday, July 20, 2015

Unleashed: A Kate Turner DVM Mystery by Eileen Brady

Kate is a veterinarian and a very good one.  She knows everyone in this small community and almost all of them are her friends.  She knows people who own animals even better because she cares for them.  When she hears that Claire has committed suicide, she can't believe it.  She brought Toto in for treatment and was acting just fine.  It would be totally out-of-character for her to have ended her life.  But there's no proof it was anything else...

Poisoned Pen Press and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published August 4th, so you can grab a copy then.  If you haven't read the first in this series, this will give you an opportunity to read it now. 

Kate is just a temporary vet at this clinic but it feels permanent.  She lives upstairs, she has a dog, and she's working on a relationship.  It's long distance but that's OK at this point in her life.  She's also good friends with a cop and that might grow into something more in time.  In this story, they're mostly angry at each other because she's trying to investigate the death as a murder and he's trying to get her to leave it alone and accept it as suicide because there is no evidence to the contrary and she's left a note.

She even gets Gramps involved in sleuthing with her.  I like Kate as character and enjoy the various other eccentric characters she gets involved with.  After all, how many people let a pot-bellied pig sleep in their bed with them?

Kate was right; it was murder.  And the more she investigates, the more danger she's getting in.  She knows the mentally handicapped boy who works for her didn't kill her despite his confession.  He thought he did but it was because he was confused. The book ends with a knock-down drag out fight and you aren't sure who's going to win until the end.  

I enjoyed this read.  Why don't you give it a try?  You'll learn about some vet techniques, too.

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