Sunday, July 12, 2015

Once Upon a Crime: A Brothers Grimm Mystery by P. J. Brackston

Remember Hansel and Gretel?  They've survived their trip into the forest and now are operating a private detective agency.  Really, they are!

Pegasus and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It has now been published, so you can grab a copy.  If you like funny, punny, tongue-in-cheek stories, you'll want to get the first one in this series, too.  They're a hoot to read!

Gretel is a BIG woman.  She loves to lounge around and eat big meals.  But she also likes money, so she takes on cases to get money for her fancy clothing and food.  She might wish she didn't take the case of the three missing cats.  It turns into quite an adventure...

Gretel ends up dealing with thieves and enforcers, a troll, and even a giant.  It's a good thing Hansel is around to help her and that Gretel thinks quickly.  She has two sets of king's men after her.  She's stealing traps, horses, and anything else she needs to accomplish her goal.  Somehow it all works out, with a little embarrassment on Gretel's side.  It's not nice to be caught hanging on off a gargoyle with your underwear showing.  But the General has a soft spot for her and she gets rescued right away.

Gretel solves the missing cat problem, identifies a dead body and nails the killer, too.  It might be a by guess or by gosh technique but it works!

These are a fun read because they are slightly ridiculous but are good clean fun.  You never know what kind of hair-brained idea Gretel will get next.  I like that.  I also like her new romantic interest, even if they haven't really had a date yet.  So far, everyone that should has a happy ending.  I hope to read more in this series.

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