Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Blind Wish by Amber Lough

Najwa and Zayele, half-Jinn twins, continue their stories in this book.  Both girls are extraordinary and they have enemies everywhere.  The real Jinns are suspicious of the human factor in them and the humans think all Jinns should die.  They're at war with the humans and both sides hate each other.  The girls are in love, want the war to end, and will do what they must to save those they love, whether Jinn or human.

Random House Books for Young Readers and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review.  It is being published today.

This is an excellent read.  I did find it a bit confusing because the two girls each offered the story from their perspective every other chapter.  To go to one camp and then the other and to keep all the characters straight was a challenge.  But it was worth it because this is a good story.

There's magic, lots of challenges in the girl's lives, and not everyone survives.  The war is brutal.  Everyone is using everyone else.  There are political ploys behind the scene.  And the arrogant older brother of Kamal, Najwa's boyfriend, has a viper in his list of friends.  One he trusts totally, who will betray him totally.

With action on every page, lots of danger, and ill-applied magic, there's something new on every page.  Ms. Lough keeps you reading and gives you an exciting end.  Read Fire Wish first if you haven't.  Both these books go together to create an epic read.

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