Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Journeys of the Heart By Camille Elliot, Winnie Griggs, and Erica Vetsch

This is an anthology of three novellas that have budding romances in them.  The matches are unlikely, the couples are mismatched, and none of them want to get married.  But we know how that goes, don't we?  When I met my current husband I informed him I was never getting married again.  He said the same thing.  Last year we celebrated our fortieth anniversary.  So I had a suspicion that no matter what these couples said it might not go the way they planned.

Redbud Press allowed me to download and read this book for review (thank you).  It is being published today, so you can get a copy now.

The Gentlemen's Quest has a lord being accused of murder.  His knife was found in the body but Christopher didn't kill the man.  He's trying to solve the riddle of who did and could use some help.  Almost by accident he gets his friend from childhood, Honoria, to help him.  It also helps her because now she can avoid an old suitor who's willing to marry an older than should be spinster.  Christopher's stayed away from her because he's fond of her and he feels responsible for her brother's death.  There may be more death if they aren't careful...

The Road Home has Wyatt taking two orphans to their Uncle at his parent's request.  He can no longer do surgery, has no place to go or nothing else to do so why not?  They keep running away.  He's searching for them again when he finds them with an exotic looking woman who has a parrot for a pet.  He asks her to travel with them to keep the children quiet and occupied.  Soon it's Wyatt who is occupied...

The Trail Boss' Bride is my favorite story.  Talk about an embarrassing beginning.  When Steve checks the wagon for survivors, he finds a woman in labor.  He knows nothing about babies.  Unfortunately, she doesn't either.  When the baby girl is born, he finds himself smitten with the baby.  His men call her Little Critter.  Having a woman on the drive is bad but he can't leave her there.  The trip gets more complicated before it gets better but the story is sweet and how he gets hornswaggled into proposing marriage is fun.

I enjoyed all these stories.  They are light romance with a touch of Christian in them.  They're amusing and fun to read and I enjoy all the books this press is publishing.  Give them a try, you might like them, too.

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