Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dragon Fall by Katie MacAlister

Aoife went to the fair on a date.  He was good looking and fun.  She didn't expect to see him get cut down by a dragon right in front of her.  And when she explains to the cops about his death, his body isn't there when she returns.  How could he disappear?  Even worse, her sister and brother commit her to a mental health hospital for treatment.  How could they do that?
Forever and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It is being published today, so you can grab a copy now.
Dragons fascinate me, so I had to read this book.  These dragons are men in human shape.  You can guess how good they look.
Aoife finally convinces her doctor she doesn't believe any of that nonsense about dying and dragons anymore.  She knows it's true but she also knows if she doesn't want more shock treatments she better say it's not.  She's allowed to go home.  Her sister takes off on a job in Europe and she has the house to herself.  She's glad because she's tired of the noise factor in the mental health facility.  She sure never expected to run over a big dog on the way home one night.  He's a BIG dog!  She manages to get him in the car and takes him to the vet, who checks him out.  He's fine but the vet won't take him.  He tells her to find his owner and take care of him in the meantime.  He's a Newfoundland dog and takes up a lot of room and eats a lot of food.  But what can she do?

The next thing that happens is that the dog finds a body on the beach.  It's a man who is still alive but just barely.  She has to drag him to the car and finds an after hours doctor that will help.  When the man recovers, she finds that the dragons were after him.  She wants to know nothing about this.  She's not going back to any hospital!

There's a lot of humor in this story as well as dragon battles and the fact that Aoife has put on a ring the dead guy at the fair gave her that gives her powers.  She just has to figure out how to use it.  And learn who is battling whom and why.

I mean, when a dog is a demon named Jim and can talk, how can you not like this tale?  There's a bit of sex in the story but that's how dragon's are mated, so what can you do?

There will be more to this story.  Aoife has more to learn about her role in this war and she also has to get rid of an awful demon from the past she managed to call up by accident.  This tale is just beginning...

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