Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Doll People Set Sail by Ann M. Martin, Laura Godwin

Have you ever felt like your dolls or toys might come to life at night while you were sleeping?  You play during the day; they play at night.  This is a fantasy tale about a family of dolls who are willing to take risks to save family members.

Disney Book Group and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published October 14th, so you can snag a copy then.

One doll family is porcelain and fragile.  The other is plastic.  They both have doll houses and they visit each other at night.  At the moment, the children are grounded because of their last adventure.  Anabelle hates it, but she has to do what her parents tell her.

Then their whole lives get disrupted.  The girl who owns them tells them they're going to be packed up for storage while the girl's bedrooms are renovated.  They were afraid they'd be stored permanently or given away, so this is good news.  The bad news is the box they are in gets put in the wrong pile and they are on their way overseas to Europe to be given to children without toys.  Oh my, what will they do now?

It gets even worse:  The father plastic doll and his son and the nanny fall out of the box while it's being transported to the ship.  They aren't sure where they fell or how they are going to save them, but they're going to try.

I've always enjoyed tales about little people and the challenges they face when dealing with human sized objects.  This is another example of how teamwork and determination makes the difference.  It's an exciting adventure, there's lots of action, and there are near-brushes with death.  Why not get a copy of this book and follow the doll people on their journey across the sea?

You can also get more books in this series.  This is the fourth book.  So grab the first three now and you'll be ready for the fourth adventure when it comes out.

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