Friday, September 26, 2014

Legacy of the Claw (Animas Book One) by C. R. Grey

This is a brand new adventure that is destined to go far.  There's a battle between good and evil, a lost child and a found one, and kinship with animals.  Welcome to a new wondrous world that is going through growing pains...

Disney Book Group and Net Galley allowed me to download and read this book (thank you).  It is due to be published October 28th, so watch for it at your local bookstore.

There are two stories being woven together in this story.  Gwen lives with the Elder who has brought her in off the street.  She was a pickpocket, now she's his apprentice.  He has an old Owl for his companion and kin.  These two will end up in Bailey's life before the end of this book.

Bailey was adopted and has not found his Animas bond yet.  He's being sent to Fairmont Academy to help him with that.  He's got three good friends and a few enemies after he's been there a bit, but he still has no kin.

Things begin to get more dangerous when the Dominion takes over Parliament and control goes to a madwoman.  Especially since she is trying to kill her competition and she thinks Bailey is part of it.  Nothing is quite what it seems and as the author drops the seeds of the story, you start reading faster.  Who will survive and how?  Who is one of the main players but has no knowledge of his heritage?  And Bailey may have been an orphan, but he finds his people.  They will help him when he needs it.

My main question is:  What's going to happen in the next book???  I enjoyed this read a lot.  It's an action-packed fantasy with lots of characters and kin mixed in.  I'll be watching for the next in the series.  You need to read it, too.  It's good!

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