Thursday, September 4, 2014

Courting Magic (Kat, Incorrigible #3.5) by Stephanie Burgis

Kat is one of the most fun characters I've read about in ages.  I read the first book in this series, then bought the other two to go with it.  I haven't had a chance to read them yet but know they will be excellent reads.  When I got the opportunity to read this novelette, I begged for a copy.  I'm also very glad I did!

The author graciously shared a copy of this story with me for a review (thank you).  It's in ebook form so you can buy a copy from Amazon or other ebook sellers.

Kat is just getting used to having magic and handling it safely.  Just because she's turning eighteen doesn't mean she's interested in a husband.  Her parents and her sisters aren't listening, though.  They have big plans for her debut into the world of Victorian Regency balls where eligible men and women meet.  She goes along because she has to but she has another reason.  There's a thief to catch there...

Ms. Burgis always writes stories that draws you in and makes you feel like you're living in that world.  Kat is independent, acts as one of the Guardians, and can defend herself well.  She needs those abilities in her world.  Even her family isn't privy to all that she goes through.

Kat's biggest problem is that her heart is already taken.  Unfortunately it's occupant is a young man who isn't appropriate for her to marry.  She must set those feelings aside and pick someone else she can at least live with.  She knows that.  When Alexander shows up at the briefing for her Guardian duties, her heart jumps.  Appropriate or not, she loves him.

It seems that society balls have had a thief working them.  The Head of the Order sends Kat and three young men to the ball to find the thief.  They almost arrest the Prince of Wales, completely miss the real thief at first, and Alex corners Kat in the garden.  They both know it's wrong but they still kiss.

Ms. Burgis' work is always busy, always fun, with little quips here and there and love around the edges.  This was a very good read and I recommend it highly.  Who doesn't like happy endings?

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