Saturday, September 20, 2014

Neil Gaiman's The Last Temptation 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition by Neil Gaiman, Alice Cooper, Michael Zulli and Dave McKean

Like graphic novels?  Like Neil Gaiman's writing?  This one is for you!

Dynamite Entertainment and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 11th, so watch for a copy then.

It's night on a cool fall day and the young men are out.  Boys, just being boys, dare the smallest and youngest to go into an old movie house.  After all it's abandoned, what could happen?

The odd Master of Ceremonies invites him in.  There are things in the shadows, a pretty girl, and lots of crazy things going on.  What's real and what isn't?  And why does the Master wish him to stay forever?  Can he escape?   When and if he does, will he really be safe?

This is a trip into a fantasy world you don't want to live in.  It's odd, ugly, and has evil at its heart.  Will the temptation be too much for him?

This would make a nice creepy belated present for Halloween.  After all, it won't go away as quick as candy and you won't forget it after you read it...

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