Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Nutmeg Princess by Richardo Keens-Douglas, Annouchka Galouchko

This is a fairy tale set in the Caribbean.  I've read lots of fairy tales but nothing from this area.  That caught my attention in the beginning and the vibrant illustrations drew me the rest of the way into the book.

Annick Press Ltd and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It's a new edition with dramatic color and designs and it was published in February.  Check with your local bookstore for a copy now.

Aglo and Petal are best friends and spend their days together.  Their favorite thing to do is one of mine, too:  Read!

Petite Mama sells nutmeg and tells the friends about the Nutmeg Princess.  No one else has seen her except Petite Mama.  When Aglo asks how and where she appears, Petite Mama tells him.  She also tells him he has to believe in her to see her.  They go and look, but Petal can't see her.  Aglo tells her how she looks, so they go the next day to try again. By now, the village knows something is going on.  They aren't going to admire the lady, though.  They are going to get rich.

What this story teaches is that greed doesn't pay.  A good heart and good character is what matters in life, not how much money you have.

This tale was created because the author knew no fairy tales that featured a black princess.  This one does!

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