Friday, May 9, 2014

Evil Water by Inger Wolf

It all began years ago when the children were young.  The scars and stains on their souls lasted into their adulthood.  Inspector Daniel Trokic gets involved when two suitcases are found buried in a rock wall.  The suitcases hold two dead women.  One a long time dead, the other more recent.  They can identify them because they are missing women.  But trying to find the killer will take a lot longer...

Black Cat sent me a copy of this ebook to read for review (thank you).  The author is a Danish crime writer and she's very good.  You can grab a copy now wherever ebooks are sold.

The Inspector is very good at his job.  So are the forensic people.  What no one can determine at first is why the bodies have little Y's all over them.  The killer also takes a finger bone from his victims.  Taking a souvenir makes them wonder if it might be tribal killing, with African influence.

This is a complicated investigation and the more they learn, the less they know.  It's hard to get background on people when all the people they grew up with are dead.  The pressure kicks up another notch when another woman goes missing.  The cops know what's going to happen; can they find them before the killer is successful?

Along with being a good police procedural, this is also a good psychological study.  The original trouble came from a family tragedy that warped the survivors.  The motivation for the crime was sick but understandable.

You never know about that person walking along beside you on the street.  They look normal, but?

This story will stick with you after you finish reading it.  It keeps creeping back into my mind when I'm not thinking about anything in particular.  Did it do that to you?

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