Friday, May 2, 2014

All Day and a Night by Alafair Burke

Who killed psychotherapist Helen Brunswick and why?

Harper sent me an ARC of this book for review (thank you).  The book will be published June 10th, so make a note to pick it up then at your local bookstore.

This is a convoluted story with past and present crime connecting in a strange way and making deep dark secrets from the past come to light.

We have Hatcher and Rogan assigned to look into the matter after the DA's office gets an anonymous letter with inside knowledge on the murders in the past.  They have a man in jail, but is he the right man?  And should Ellie work on the case when she's living with the man who assigned the case?

Into this mix, add a rabid attorney that makes her money by finding the investigators at fault and freeing those "falsely" found guilty.  She's on the case looking for dirt and has hired a young attorney whose sister was one of the victims.  

This not an easy case or a quick fix.  There are all sorts of players involved and the murders weren't all done by one man.  People got hurt and will get hurt again while it's all sorted.

The story is fast moving complex tale that keeps your attention and makes you wonder how many are involved and who is really guilty.  Ms. Burke delivers a good suspenseful tale again.

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